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Hemp rope


Hemp rope is an eco-friendly approach to rope making, as the entirety of the rope body is made from hemp fibres – a tough, versatile and fast-growing plant fibre found in the hemp plant. It’s a natural rope which is found to be more durable than other types of rope. Hemp is considered a carbon-negative crop, in that it sequesters more CO2 than it generates per harvest cycle. The hemp rope is super strong. People often use it for a range of purposes including climbing, rope swings, and shipping. The ropes can be used for a wide range of solutions and will stand the test of time.

Brand: JIN DUN

Item: Hemp rope

Composition: 100% Jute

Specification: Thickness, 2mm          

APPLICATION: Hand-knitting decoration, belt, bracelet, photo wall line, decorating glass bottles.


PACKAGE: 25m/ball, customized